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--:-- スポンサー広告

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Dear friends!!

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It IS so POWERFUL. And it is NOT YET yesterday's news for us.

Although I'll try to post English translation of the song, here's a translation of the text at the end of the song:

April 11, 2011
Just one month after
the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami,
The Futaba Nursery School reopens
amidst the ruins of Kesennuma City.

The sixty six children at the school
had been led to higher ground,
none of them crying in panic or fear.
From above they watched
as their town was overpowered by the tsunami.

Today, the cheerful voices of these same children
can be heard throughout this same town.
Forty eight of the sixty six children
remain enrolled at the school.

According to the school principal, Sugano-sensei:
"The smiles returning to the faces of our children
give us the strength to hope.
We must continue to encourage
the young parents who walk
with these children along the path to recovery."

thanks, and God bless you all!!

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