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Welcome to COCO's Kitchen!

Anyone who has been to a Japanese restaurant might think that the Japanese cuisine is "so different" from what they are familiar with. Traditional dishes, such as sashimi or sushi, might be too adventurous, may seem to be too difficult to prepare! It is not easy if you are not living in Japan where every supermarket carries extremely fresh raw fish prepared by professionals! I myself am always careful to choose a store to pick up fish.

And I must tell you that we don't go for these traditional dishes everyday! Our diet is more varied than ever, having been influenced by Western, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and other styles of food, which are particularly popular among younger generations and families with children.
秋刀魚の棒寿司 かぼちゃのツナクリーム_サム カブと海老_サム なんちゃってカナッペ_サム 明太胡瓜 鮭ときのこのバタぽん

What I would like to introduce in this blog are just some simple-everyday-recipes served at dinner table in an ordinary Japanese household, using ingredients which you can find at your local stores. Some call it "fusion" Japanese.

Simply add some soy sauce when you marinate your chicken. You will be surprised how much this exotic liquid goes with western cooking ingredients, such as wine, olive oil and more! Make your own Teriyaki sauce with red wine! Sounds crazy? Well, I'll tell you the secret...

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